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Name:Twilight Speaks
Birthdate:Mar 20
Location:Oregon, United States of America
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Twilight Speaks was born in a farming community in March of 1981. She is a self-proclaimed pacifist, humanist, and general pervert. Her handle has absolutely nothing to do with a certain popular vampire-centric book series and/or movie, and she would rather you didn't associate the two. She has been Twilight Speaks elsewhere for many years, and - like many people - she is wary of change.

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afterlife cannibalism, aimee mann, ani difranco, anything by bentley little, anything by clive barker, anything by stephen king, atrocities, bad reality television, birth defects, bondage fairies, books, bottomfeeder by b.h. fingerman, bubble baths, cake, charles foster ofdensen, cherries, classic horror, clockwork people, coheed and cambria, comics, cooper edens, dark comedies, death, decemberists, dethklok, diane arbus, dollers, dresden dolls, dressing up in strange clothing, eating good food, egg donation, elizabeth bathory, enterprise, exploitation films, eyeballs, fanart, fanfic, fantasy, flight of the conchords, foreign horror, forensics, gelflings, gerbils, god, homicide, hope, horror comedies, horror fiction, horror movies, human decomposition, human sacrifices, infanticide, insects, johnny got his gun by dalton trumbo, jonathan coulton, kabuki, kekko kamen, khalil gibran, kitty cats, life, living dead, living dolls, lonesome dove, make-up effects, marvel zombies, medical fetishism, metalocalypse, mike doughty, modern horror, monauralism, movies, music, naked fairies, nathan explosion, no. 1 ladies detective agency, noe venable, nursery rhymes, old wives tales, paper dolls, paper mache, pencil shading, perfume by patrick suskind, playing doctor, poe, porn, post-life activities, primordial dwarfism, reading books, remember the night rainbow, remus lupin, repo! the genetic opera, rock band, scent fetishists, science fiction, serial killers, severus snape, sex, she-ra, shock art, slash, snakes, soul coughing, soulspark, southern vampire chronicles by charlaine harris, special effects, spending too much time on the internet, spider girl, spiders, spock's world, standardized testing, star trek tas, star trek tng, star trek tos, straws, streets of loredo, superheroes gone bad, superstitions, surreal magical realism comedies, technosexuals, the black crowes, the devil, the last unicorn, the marzipan pig, the prophet by khalil gibran, the sims, the walking dead, theatrical make-up, toki wartooth, tom petty, tony diterlizzi, torture porn, transmetropolitan, trek movies, true blood, true love, unintentional horror, unintentional humor, urban legends, vagabondage, vampire beach babes, vibrating accessories, video nasties, vincent price, vulva puppets, watching movies, wicked by gregory macquire, wind-up keys, writing both smut and non-smut, zombies
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